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Gorgeous Macro Photographs of Butterfly and Moth Wings by Linden Gledhill

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Frank Lloyd Wright (American, 1867-1959)

Broadacre City, proposed 1932. Unbuilt.

In 1932, when Frank Lloyd Wright envisioned a modern, decentralized city, he pictured each individual family living separately, in direct contact with nature. He proposed building 2,200 one-acre plots, one per family. A train station would link to the few apartment buildings and offices, but most transportation would occur via an elaborate freeway system. Wright assumed eventually the automobile would give way to fast, efficient airships and non-polluting land vehicles. Wright did not plan pedestrian or bicycle paths, likely assuming that airships would be preferred by the occupants of Broadacre City.

Broadacre City was proposed at a time when suburbia was a new dream, before suburban sprawl would consume thousands of acres of virgin land across the US into housing tracts, strip malls, and parking lots.

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